How to properly care for your beard and mustache at home?

Caring for a beard and mustache is the responsibility of every self-respecting bearded man. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the result is worth it. A beautiful beard not only adds charm and style but also, according to the girls, directly speaks of the masculinity of its owner. On the contrary, matted tow does not paint anyone. Let your beard grow, take care of it and the result will not be long incoming! For more information regarding beard care just click here.

How to properly care for your beard and mustache at home? To begin with, we recommend that you let your beard grow by 4-5 centimeters and go to a barbershop. The Barber will tell you what haircut and beard shape is most suitable for your face, shave off all the excess and finally make you a person. How to choose your beard shape by face type, we have already told you in this article.

Tips to care for a beard

Learn how to use a trimmer: This thing will help to maintain the perfect shape of the beard and mustache, remove the hairs in the nose and ears. Once you have mastered the nozzle that leaves the longest hairs, feel free to experiment with the rest.

Do not take the comb from the girl: To properly care for your beard, you need a comb with sparse and wide teeth. Every morning after sleep, you need to put your beard so that it “remembers” both the shape and direction.

Keep in shape: A medium-length beard and a long “shovel” is better cut in the old way — with good scissors with a drawback. The beard must have a clear outline, otherwise it will look untidy. A beard that is 2-3 weeks old can be very itchy. There is only one way out-to tolerate or use specialized beard oils. Do not use products with alcohol, they dry the skin and increase itching.

Watch your mustache: The grooming of the mustache is not so simple, because they grow back unevenly, and they need to trim with scissors. Waxing for a mustache will help them to look their very best in any weather. Wash your beard along with your face: An unshakable rule for proper beard care 2-3 times a week, she needs to arrange a bath day. Special shampoo for the beard will make it soft, smooth, and manageable.

Get rid of unwanted odors: Use scented oils to treat your beard. They will not only hide the ambergris of herring with onions and the smell of cigarette smoke but also give you cheerfulness and a great mood for the whole day.

Dry with a towel: After washing, it is enough to gently wipe the beard with a Terry towel. We do not recommend drying with a hairdryer — dandruff may appear from over-drying.

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